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Amp FAQs

1. What is the Amp?
2. Why does Nashville need The Amp now?
3. Who will benefit from The Amp?
4. How will The Amp work?
5. How will the corridor be reorganized to make room for Amp vehicles? Will the Amp reduce automobile traffic lanes to one in each direction? How will The Amp affect traffic flow along the corridor?
6. How do I make a left-hand turn if the dedicated lane is in the middle of the street?
7. How will The Amp impact my neighborhood?
8. How will The Amp be funded?
9. What other cities have BRT?
10. What about this corridor makes it better for rapid transit than other corridors? Why has the city chosen to place this transportation investment here and not on other corridors, like Charlotte Avenue?
11. Has the downtown route been finalized?
12. Are there any streets along this corridor that will be widened? How extensive will this be?
13. How will you minimize disruption during construction of The Amp?
14. What should I say to a small business owner who fears losing business during construction?
15. Post-construction: What will these streets look like with a dedicated Amp lane?
16. What will be the capacity of the parking lots along the route and at both ends?
17. What will happen at Elmington Park?
18. How will The Amp affect property values along the corridor?
19. How much will it cost to ride The Amp? How much will transfers cost?
20. Will The Amp connect to existing MTA bus lines?
21. How will Amp service be affected during special events? Will The Amp operate during major calendar events, or will service be shut down as some streets typically are (for example, West End and Broadway during the Christmas Parade)?
22. How will The Amp impact emergency vehicles?
23. Will riders, including children and the elderly, be kept safe when getting on and off The Amp?
24. Will it be easy for parents and caregivers to enter and exit The Amp with strollers and/or wheelchairs? Will there be a system to ensure their safety while keeping The Amp moving?
25. How will The Amp affect bike riders?
26. What if I have questions about The Amp that have not been addressed on this website?

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